• We provide great coverage at a fair, competitive price.
  • Do we cost less? Sometimes, but not always. We believe the best value isn’t necessarily the least expensive.
  • You can count on us when you need us. Isn’t that why you buy insurance?
  • Our service is “WOW!” We go the extra mile to address your concerns.
  • “We treat you like we’d like to be treated.”
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MAX is Faithful

  • Our strong spiritual values guide us as we seek to work with people of all faiths.
  • Mutual Aid Ministries – the heart of MAX – was created to help individuals and families facing difficulties beyond the scope of insurance.
  • Working through faith communities, MAM helps families find shelter, youngsters get clothes for school, seniors repair their homes and faith communities rebuild after a storm.
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  • We volunteer and give back to our community.
  • We are the only full-service insurance enterprise to be independently recognized for our values-based approach to business and service.
  • We’re a cooperative. We report to our members, not outside owners or stockholders.
  • We practice environmental and social responsibility.
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 MAX – Insurance The Way It Should Be!

Fair, Faithful & Socially Responsible

MAX is a fair, faithful and socially responsible, member-owned insurance program that provides excellent coverage and claims service at a fair, competitive price.

Our mission is to help our members create, regain and sustain wholeness when their lives are disrupted by an unforeseen loss.

We call that Insurance the Way It Should Be. Read more…